On the Juche idea

Tokyo December 10 (KNS) – Korea News Service has received so many questions what is Juche or Juche idea by E-mail.

So the editor of our news service in Tokyo writes simply about the Juche idea on the Internet. Juche is Korean word. It means the subject in English. The Juche idea represents an invariable guiding idea of the Korean revolution and a revolutionary banner of this time. A progressive idea plays an important role in socio-historical progress. When the people are guided by a progressive idea, they can be a powerful creator of history. Of course, it does not mean that all progressive ideas play the same role in socio-historical development. Their role is different according to how they represent the aspirations and interests of the popular masses and how correctly they show the path which must be followed in struggle. There were ideas which reflected the aspirations of progressive classes of society even before the emergence of the working class. But due to their historical and class limitations the trends of thought in the past age could not but be hampered in the role of they played in social development.
The revolutionary ideas of the working class alone can correctly reflect the demands of the time and aspirations of people and give a powerful stimulates to socio-historical development by inspiring the people to wage the revolutionary struggle.
Late President Kim Il Sung created Juche idea after acquiring a deep insight into the requirements of a new era when the oppressed and humiliated masses of the people became masters of their destiny. Thus he developed their struggle for Chajusong(independence) onto a higher plane and opened up the age of Juche , a new era in the development of human history. The revolutionary idea of the working class emerges as the reflection of the mature demand of history and the revolution in their development. In order to advance the revolution under the new historical conditions, the working class and the people of every country, conscious of being masters, had to solve all problems in accordance with their actual situation. In Korea, this was a particularly important matter because of the peculiarities of historical development and the complexity and arduousness of the revolution. The Korean revolution demanded more urgently that the popular masses hew out the path of revolution in an independent and creative manner.
The Juche idea was created on the basis of such a practical requirement of the Korean revolution. “The revolution in each country should be carried out responsibly by its own people, the masters, in an independent manner, and in a creative way suitable its specific conditions.” It is the essence of Juche idea. The Juche idea is a new philosophical thought which centres on man. It raised the fundamental question of philosophy by regarding man as the main factor, and elucidated the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything.
The philosophical principle of the Juche idea is the principle of man-centred philosiphy which explains man’s position and role in the world.
That man is master of everything means that he is the master of world and plays the decisive role in transforming the world and in shaping his destiny.
Establishing Juche in ideology is the primary requirement of the masses’ struggle for Chajusong. The revolution and construction are man’s conscious activities.
Establishing Juche in thinking, therefore, is the only way to establish Juche in politics, the economy, defence, and all other domains.
The Juche idea was created by late President Kim Il Sung and is developed and enriched by General Secretary Kim Jong Il

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