Book “Brilliant Korea” published in India

Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) — A book “Brilliant Korea” written by editor of the Paper Indian and World Events Anil Gupta was published in India on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s election as Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army.

Seen in the book is a picture of President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il having a discussion.
Besides the preface and conclusion, the book consists of four parts — “Thinking of Homeland,” “Korea brilliant With victory and glory”, “Korea, paradise of people” and “Under banner of Juche idea.”
The writer noted that Korea, which had suffered an eclipse on the world map, has become a socialist country independent in politics, self-reliant in the economy and self-supporting in national defence, and is shining all over the world as the “Homeland of Juche” and the bastion of socialism under the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il.
Upholding General Secretary Kim Jong Il as the leader, the Korean people could have the highest pride in the world, blessed with two illustrious leaders in one generation, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has become a dignified country over which the sun is always bright, he emphasized.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/htsh_kkch/1270250562/

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