Korea’s reunification supported worldwide

Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) — Solidarity activities have been conducted on a worldwide scale this year to support the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea.

Party, State and Government leaders and prominent political and public figures of more than 160 countries in their congratulatory messages and letters expressed full support for the three pillars, the three charters of national reunification put forward by President Kim Il Sung. Among them were over 450 Party leaders and heads of State and Government including Cuba, Benin and Zambia.
The Romanian Initiative Committee for Supporting Korea’s Reunification and other friendship and solidarity organisations were formed this year. The international meeting which was held in Paris in February called upon the political parties and organisations of all countries to conduct the international solidarity movement in various forms and methods to support the reunification of Korea based on the most fair and realistic confederacy formula, establish a new peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula and get the U.S. troops withdrawn from South Korea.
In response to the call, such solidarity activities as meeting, symposium and signature campaign were conducted by more than 1,000 governments, political parties and organisations of India, Egypt, Peru, Russia and other countries, more than 150 in all, and about 40 international and regional organisations.
22 political parties and organisations of India, regional organisations, the Central Committee of the Party for Unity and Progress of Guinea and other political parties and organisations in many countries published statements urging the United States to publish a timetable for establishing a new peace mechanism as soon as possible.
Signature campaigns were powerfully conducted to support the DPRK’s peace proposal. Senior officials of political parties, organizations and administrative bodies of Democratic Congo, Tanzania and many other countries on behalf of their members signed the signature papers.
The Bulgarian Paper Rabotnichesko Delo, the Canadian Paper Marxist-Leninist and other foreign media introduced the just proposals and steps of the DPRK Government.

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