Papers observe day of Socialist Constitution

Pyongyang, December 27 (KCNA) — Papers here today dedicate editorials to the 25th anniversary of the publication of “socialist constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” by President Kim Il Sung.

Rodong Sinmun calls for resolutely defending the Juche socialist system.
The paper says:
The Korean people will never lay down the banner of socialism but defend Korean socialism to the last at the cost of life, no matter what formidable enemy may attack and how many difficulties may crop up.
Come what may, they will hold fast to the socialist principle.
The heroic Korean people are ready to share life and death with Korean socialism.
In the course of building socialism, they have no room for retreat and no right to die.
The struggle to defend Korean socialism is victoriously led by General Kim Jong Il. He represents the destiny of Korean socialism and the banner of victory and glory.
We must unite behind him more closely and consolidate the wholehearted unity of our party and revolutionary ranks around him.
In order to resolutely defend our socialism, we must consistently uphold and implement our party’s Juche line and policy of building socialism.
Making radical changes in socialist economic construction is essential for defending our socialism.
The Korean people’s struggle to defend their socialism is arduous, but it is sure to be crowned with victory.
Minju Joson calls for consolidating the revolutionary foothold of korea through strict application of the socialist constitution.

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