Questionnaire of Amnesty International about human rights of prisoners in S. Korea

Pyongyang, December 30 (KCNA) — In October, two months before the “Presidential Election” in South Korea, the Amnesty International, in the name of its secretary general, sent presidents of South Korean political parties an open questionnaire about human rights of prisoners of conscience, according to a report.

It was addressed to presidents of the “Grand National Party” (the then New Korea Party), the “National Congress for New Politics” and the “United Liberal Democrats”, who ran as “Presidential candidates”.
Calling their attention to the fact that a large number of prisoners of conscience have been kept in South Korea, it urged them to make clear what measure they intended to take for human rights of those prisoners if they came to power.
It asked them if they were willing to abrogate the undemocratic evil laws which produce prisoners of conscience.
In a statement published early in November as regards the issue of prisoners of conscience in South Korea, the Amnesty International also said that many people detained in South Korean jails were being persecuted for their political expressions or views.
This fact proves that the fascist government of South Korea ruthlessly violates human rights of people aspiring after independence, democracy and reunification.

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