DPRK’s position concerning “four-way talks”

Pyongyang, December 31 (KCNA) — Differing analyses and assertions have come from parties concerned over “four-way talks” for peace in the Korean Peninsula, provoking worldwide attention.

The assertions on the agenda items, relations of the participants in the talks and other matters are not conducive to the talks because they may have an ill effect on the peace process which has been launched with much difficulty.
Our principled position concerning the talks has remained clear and invariable.
Such fundamentals as the U.S. troop pullout and the conclusion of a DPRK-U.S. peace agreement should be solved above all at the talks.
If the talks are to contribute to achieving peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula, the fundamentals should be put on the agenda and solved. Ensuring equal status of the four parties is essential for success of the talks.
Under whatever circumstances, therefore, this position of ours will remain unchanged, our will get stronger and our efforts be redoubled and continued till our demand is met.
The assertion that differences revealed among parties concerned in the talks should be set aside means ignoring a solution to the primary and basic matters related to a durable peace in the peninsula.
For smooth progress of the talks, all the participants in the talks should not sidestep the differences but have a willingness to negotiate the solution with patience and understanding and in the spirit of compromise.
We consider that the “four-way talks” are a good opportunity for DPRK-U.S. dialogue and for peace and stability in the peninsula and also a good occasion in making clear our just position once again.
We will make all sincere efforts to have our consistent, principled demand met. Other parties, too, should show sincerity, regarding the hard-won opportunity as an immportant occasion for peace and security of humankind.

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