G.S. Kim Jong Il visits revolutionary school

Pyongyang, January 3 (KCNA) — Kim Jong Il, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea visited the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School Friday to wish the teaching staff and pupils of the school a happy New Year.

He was accompanied by director of the KPA General Political Department Jo Myong Rok and KPA generals Kim Ha Gyu, Hyon Chol Hae and Pak Jae Gyong.
The visiting party also included secretaries of the WPK Central Committee Kye Ung Thae, Kim Kuk Thae, Kim Ki Nam and Kim Yong Sun.
He looked round the boards bearing the instructions President Kim Il Sung and the communist revolutionary fighter mothere Kim Jong Suk had given at the school. He also looked at the materials exhibited in the room for the study of comrade Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary ideas” and recalled the unforgettable days.
He noted that President Kim Il Sung with noble comradeship and revolutionary sense of obligation had worked heart and soul from right after the liberation of the country to the last days of his life to bring up the bereaved families of revolutionaries to be dependable heirs to the Juche revolution and the backbone and hardcore that would carry forward the Korean revolution.
Thanks to the President’s warm care, many bereaved children of revolutionaries who had wandered about at home and abroad could be taken to the cradle of happiness and grow into the successors to the revolution and the pillars of the nation, he added.
He then went round the computer room, the biological sample room, a bedroom and other places of the school, met with pupils, learned about their age, health, studies and living conditions and showed warm parental loving care for them.
He saw students taking a collective physical exercise full of vigor on the playground and enjoyed an art performance given by pupils.
He expressed great satisfaction with the training of all pupils into heirs to the revolution like their parents, who had dedicated their lives to the revolution, and with their optimistic studies and life.
He said the party expects a great deal from the school as it is the training centre of the backbone that will succeed the Korean revolution and a dependable centre for the inheritance of the revolutionary traditions of Juche.
He gave the school important tasks concerning education and management.
He had a picture taken with the teaching staff and pupils of the school.

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