Korea in 1997

Pyongyang, January 3 (KCNA) — 1997 was a significant year that the Korean people recorded noteworthy events in the annals of the country, pulling through all sorts of difficulties.

On July 8, 1997, the workers’ party and people of Korea held a National Memorial Service in Pyongyang three years after the death of President Kim Il Sung to come out of mourning.
At the service all the people renewed their will to trust and follow only General Kim Jong Il and carry on the revolution, rallied closer around him, true to the President’s behests.
The Juche Era and Sun’s Day were instituted last year.
The institution of the Juche Era with 1912, when the President was born as the sun of Juche, as the first year and his birthday April 15, the most auspicious jubilee of the nation, as Sun’s Day made it possible to exalt his revolutionary life and undying feats forever with the history of Juche Korea.
General Kim Jong Il’s election as General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea in October, 1997, was a historical event of weighty importance in the developing Korean revolution.
Over the past 30 years he led the party, the state and the army with his most seasoned and tested guidance, performing imperishable exploits for the times and the revolution. The whole country was seething with the jubilation and joy of all the Korean people over having him at the head of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
Convinced that led by the great leader, they were sure to win, the people worked hard to finish the “arduous march” triumphantly with the firm resolve to share the destiny of the Korean-style socialism to the end. In the course of this they underwent a revolutionary training, and the singlehearted unity of the leader, the party and the masses was consolidated further still.
The working people throughout the country pushed ahead with socialist economic construction under the banner of self-reliance, tiding over the economic blockade by the imperialists and natural disasters.
The housing construction for more than 10,000 households and the building of seven monumental edifices, including the April 25 Hotel, were progressing apace to be completed before the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the DPRK (September 9, 1998).
Mts. Kuwol and Jongbang were built up into excellent recreation grounds for the people.
More than 300 minor power stations of various forms and fishponds of some 1,000 hectares were built.
Innovative successes were reported from coal and metal industries as well.
The nation’s defence capacity further increased to cope with the new war provocation moves of the enemies, which are getting all the more pronounced than ever bebore.
All the outposts in the sky, on the ground and in seas turned into impregnable fortresses and the Korean People’s Army has grown as an invincible army thanks to General Kim Jong Il’s endless on-site guidance.

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