Servicemen determined to carry through New Year’s tasks

Pyongyang, January 3 (KCNA) — Servicemen of the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces met on Saturday and vowed to carry through the tasks set forth in the Joint New Year Editorial of the newspapers of the party and the army, upholding the leadership of General Kim Jong Il, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army.

A report of KPA Vice Marshal Jo Myong Rok, Director of the KPA General Political Department, was followed by speeches of generals and officers.
The reporter and speakers said that all the officers and men of the KPA who greeted the first New Year after the election of Supreme Commander as General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea are full of the revolutionary will to more vigorously advance toward a new victory of revolution under the leadership of the party.
All the army should be fraught with the spirit of defending the Supreme Commander at the risk of their youth and lives and the spirit of human bombs, they stressed.
Peace can be ensured and the victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche be achieved by the People’s Army, they said.
They called on all the servicemen to solidify the military bulwark of Korean socialism as an impregnable fortress by effecting collective innovation in increasing the combat power of the people’s army this year.
It is the militant disposition of the KPA to answer the armed invasion of the enemy with a revolutionary war, they said, noting that if the u.s. and the South Korean authorities dare to invade the great homeland, the KPA will deal an annihilating strike to the enemy with strong combat power they cultivated for scores of years and with bitter hatred.
Servicemen should discharge their duties as defenders of the country and the creators of happiness this year, too, by working a new miracle and performing feats in the most difficult and toilsome posts of socialist economic construction, they added.
It was stressed at the meeting that all the officers and men of the People’s Army will continue to display the might of the revolutionary army under the Red Flag as the hardcore unit, the vanguard of the Korean revolution and a pillar of Korean-style socialism, thus satisfactorily discharging its mission and role for the era and history.

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