Mother of revolutionary school children

Pyongyang, January 5 (KCNA) — An increasing number of people are these days visiting the national art exhibition which is being held at the Korean art gallery.

On display there are an oil painting “The General is waiting for you,” Korean paintings “as real parents of bereaved children” and “On Unforgetable New Year’s Day” and other fine art pieces showing noble traits of the communist revolutionary fighter Kim Jong Suk.
Even in rigorous days of the anti-Japanese war, President Kim Il Sung stoutly brought up children to be undertakers of the revolution, saying that they were flowers of the nation and humankind and it was an honorable duty of communists to cultivate the flowers well.
Right after the liberation of the country, mother Kim Jong Suk, bearing deep in mind the noble intention of the President, met officials who were about to depart to various areas on a mission to find children of comrades-in-arms who had fallen in the anti-Japanese war and earnestly requested them to take the children with them without fail.
Informed that they took sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs with them, she met the children, leaving aside all affairs.
She often called at the revolutionary school built in Mangyongdae, a time-honored place, at the suggestion of the President and meticulously looked after the pupils in their study and life.
She personally designed uniforms for children of the school and made sure that they were made on the highest level.
She arranged birthday tables for them, not forgetting their birthdays.
On Sundays and other red-letter days, she visited the school for the children who would long for their parents more eagerly than ever and enjoyed New Year’s Days and sports games with them.
Considerate of the ardent desire of the children to be always with the President, she took an initiative to set up his statue at the school for the first time in Korea and energetically directed the work to erect it.
Indeed, she was the mother of the revolution and children.

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