Pyongyangites vow to adorn DPRK’s 50th National Day as grand festival of victors

Pyongyang, January 5 (KCNA) — Pyongyangites from all walks of life met today at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium to vow to adorn the 50th founding anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as a grand festival of victors in socialism by thoroughly carrying out the tasks set forth in the joint editorial of the newspapers Rodong Sinmun and Joson Inmingun, true to the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

The meeting was attended by Vice-President Pak Song Chol and Secretary Han Song Ryong, who are politburo members of the WPK Central Committee, and other leading officials of the party and the state.
A report was delivered at the meeting by Kang Hyon Su, chief secretary of the Pyongyang Municipal Committee of the WPK and chairman of the Pyongyang Municipal People’s Committee, followed by speeches.
The reporter and speakers put stress on further exalting the nation-building exploits of President Kim Il Sung, the father of socialist korea, this year under the slogan “Let Us Greet the 50th Anniversary of the DPRK as a Grand Festival of Victors in Socialism !” they also called for working hard to make the country, the motherland more prosperous in the indomitable revolutionary spirit and with the working style displayed during the “arduous march”.
They appealed to officials, party members and other working people in the capital city to defend General Kim Jong Il in the spirit of defending the leader at the cost of life and in the spirit of human bombs and to become forerunners at all times in securing his absolute authority in every way, in order to build the politico-ideological fortress of socialism as firm as rock.
Noting the economic construction is the major front requiring main effort this year, they called upon the people to courageously break through the present-day difficulties on their own strength and effect a new upsurge holding fast to the principal line of the WPK in socialist economic construction.
In order to successfully carry out the vast tasks for this year, the Juche character and national character should be firmly maintained in the revolution and construction, socialist principles be thoroughly adhered to in all domains of social life and the party be strengthened, so as to iron out all problems arising in socialist construction with the political and ideological might and with the might of collectivism, they stressed.

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