U.S.-Japan military collusion goes over danger line

Pyongyang, January 6 (KCNA) — In 1997 the U.S.-Japan military collusion was strengthened and rendered more dangerous, stresses Rodong Sinmun in an article today.

The article says:
In the year 1996, the United States and Japan set up a cornerstone of new military tieups which they call the “joint declaration on security” and openly cried for an expansion of the tieups, coincident with the end of the Cold War. And, in the year 1997, they built up a pillar of war, that is new “U.S.-Japan defense cooperation guidelines”, and pressed ahead in full scale with the preparations to that effect.
The new “guidelines” is, needless to say, a doctrine of war that has legalized and deepened the U.S.-Japan military tieups.
It suggests that the United States and Japan may launch a joint military operation abroad “in case of emergency surrounding Japan”. Underlying it is a scheme to enlarge the scope of overseas aggression unrestrictedly by defining, at any moment, any place outside Japan as a “region surrounding Japan”.
Noting the moves for materializing the new “guidelines” were carried on at a dangerous stage last year, the article continues:
The new “guidelines” has already stepped into a practical stage, with the northern half of korea as its first target.
The U.S.-Japan military alliance is not “imballanced”, but has been developing into a perfect alliance, a ballanced one.
The world’s peace-loving people and the Asian people should heighten vigilance against their military collusion.

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