Films created last year

Pyongyang, January 7 (KCNA) — Korea created many films of a high ideological and artistic value last year.

Typical of them are feature film “A Summer at Hwasong Uisuk School” (parts 1-2), “The Forest Sways” (parts 1-2) and parts 4 to 9 of “KAPF Writers”, parts 37 to 42 of the multi-part feature film “The Nation and Destiny.”
“A summer at Hwasong Uisuk School” deals with the historical materials showing how President Kim Il Sung who, penetrating into real situations of the communist movement and the nationalist movement of Korea, formed the down-with-imperialism union, the first communist revolutionary organisation in Korea, when he studied at the Hwasong Uisuk School in the summer of Juche 15 (1926).
“The Forest Sways” tells about stories of the historic period before and after the winter of Juche 27 (1938) when the Korean revolution was in the most rigorous trials. It portrays men of the Korean people’s revolutionary army who heroically defended the red flag of the revolution in the spirit of devotedly safeguarding the leader and with ardent patriotism under the command of President Kim Il Sung.
“KAPF Writers” portrays the miserable life of the main character Ri Chan and other colonial men of literature and art who entered “KAPF” with the ambition for the proletarian literature.
It also deals with the happy life of men of literature and art after the country was liberated. Through this, it impressively shows that only when there is the wise guidance of the leader can literature truly contribute to the cause of the working people for independence and can the destiny and future of the men of literature and art be ensured.
In the movie Ri Chan wrote the words of the immortal revolutionary hymn “Song of General Kim Il Sung” representing on a high ideological and artistic level the faith and will of the Korean people to follow the President, the hero of the nation who liberated the country, with ardent feelings of respect.
Also included in the films created last year were feature films “chief secretary of the Taehongdan County Party Committee” (three parts), “Tranquil Forefront”, “19 Fighters of Mt. Paekyang” and “Request”.
Besides, last year saw creation of films including “Devote Your Sincerity”, “Son of the Seventh Regiment” (two parts) and “My Look To Be Seen in Distant Future”. “Devote Your Sincerity” and “Son of the Seventh Regiment” show endeavours of main characters to train soldiers into loyal ones equipped with the traditional trait of army-people unity and the spirit of resolutely defending the leader.
“My Look To Be Seen in Distant Future” stresses that one should live a meaningful life so that he can recollect his past without remorse.
The documentary film “World-Famous Peak” impressively shows through beautiful landscapes that Jong Il Peak of Mt. Paektu is the time-honored place of the Juche revolution.
The scientific film “Grand Paektu Range” proves on the basis of scientific materials that Korea has a mountain range from ancestral Mt. Paektu to Mt. Jiri on the south coast.
Besides, many documentary and scientific films were released last year.

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