Mt. Myohyang

Tokyo, January 8 (KNS) — Originally Mt. Myohyang was called Mt. Yonju, Mt. Theabaek, but the present name of Mt. Myohyang has been called since the early 11th century for its wonderful and exquisite geographical features and its singular fragrance.

In Mt. Myohyang. There propagate about 700 species of plants, 33 kinds of beasts, 115 kinds of birds, 20 species of fishes. Including the International Friendship Exhibition there are historical relics and remains and particularly well-known places for its scenic beauty.
Tourists to sightsee or tour Mt. Myohyang will see the International Friendship Exhibition first, and the Pohyon Temple. And also, they’ll be able to enjoy the all kinds of forms and shapes in scenic beauty spreading along the sightseeing route for 55km, including Habiro, Manphok Valley, Sangwon Valley etc.
The International Friendship Exhibition was opened on August 26, 1978.
On display here are over 105,000 pieces of gifts presented to late President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il by heads of states and parties, political parties, public bodies, international organisations, well-known political figures and people of every degree of 170 countries in the five continents of the world, according to continent and country. Since its opening, 1,550,000 of persons visited this exhibition.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/38204180@N04/15456783825/

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