Rodong Sinmun urges S. Korean authorities to take stand of national independence

Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today comes out with a by-lined article entitled “the South Korean authorities must take the stand of national independence.”

The author of the article says:
The Korean nation has made strenuous efforts for the reunification of the country for scores of years.
This notwithstanding, reunification of the country has not yet been achieved. This is ascribable to the successive South Korean authorities’ anti-national, anti-reunification policy of dependence upon outsiders.
What is cardinal is not the change of regime and “President” in South Korea but what policy is enforced there.
The South Korean authorities must no longer pursue the treacherous and flunkeyist policy which has brought serious sufferings to the fellow countrymen and the nation.
Reunifying the country means, in essence, putting an end to the domination and interference by outsiders and realising the independence of the whole nation.
It is only too clear that only when the Juche character and the national character are preserved can the basic purpose of reunification be realised.
Only our fellow countrymen have a vital interest in reunification.
The South Korean authorities, in conformity with the requirements of the time and aspirations of the people, must replace the anti-north policy of confrontation with a pro-north reconciliatory policy, pull down the concrete wall, repeal the “National Security Law”, an anti-democratic and anti-reunification fascist law, and dissolve the “Agency for National Security Planning.”
The South Korean people will no longer allow any anti-national, anti-reunification dependent regime to exist in South Korea.
The South Korean authorities must look squarely at the situation, throw away the foolish design to hurt and stifle the fellow countrymen in the north in league with outsiders and make a switchover in their policy. By doing so, they must work for the nation with the stand of national independence and shape the destinies of the country and nation hand in hand with the fellow countrymen.
The whole nation will follow future behaviour of the South Korean authorities.

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