Minju Joson on faith and conscience

Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) — People’s faith in and conscience toward socialism are the source of the solidity of socialism, says Minju Joson in a signed article today.

The author of the article says:
Faith in and conscience toward socialism are above all a spiritual foundation which enables the Korean people to share the destiny with socialism to the end.
Today, Korean-style socialism is the life and soul of the Korean people. Through their real experience, they have keenly realized that only their socialism is a cradle and a benevolent bosom which provides them with true freedom, equality and a happy and worthwhile life and defends them.
Seeing the tragic happenings in countries where socialism collapsed and capitalism revived, they have hardened their belief that without their socialism can they never live even a moment nor have their own country or future.
Faith in and conscience toward socialism are the ideological and spiritual source which enables the Korean people to sincerely devote themselves to socialism.
World-startling miracles and achievements have been made in Korea one after another. All of them come from the sincere and strenuous efforts of the Korean people.
Their devoted service to the socialist homeland fully represents their high awareness that they are the very ones who should build socialism on this land and enjoy themselves in it and that the socialist construction can be stepped up and their country, motherland can be developed as much as they devote themselves to it.

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