The nation will sternly punish enemy of reunification

Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) — The inter-Korean relations have been placed in more tense and acute situation than ever before. This is wholly ascribable to the misbehaviour of the Kim Young Sam group of enemies of reunification who are not in the least interested in the destiny of the nation and the reunification of the country.

So says Rodong Sinmun in a signed article today.
The author of the article says:
All the successive South Korean rulers were, without exception, enemies of reunification who sought division and confrontation. Of them, the Kim Young Sam group which appeared with the “civilian” veil on are the most heinous enemy of reunification.
No sooner had Kim Young Sam taken office than he resumed the “Team Spirit” nuclear war exercises against the north which had been suspended at the time of the military rule and frantically tried to establish an “international cooperation system” in a bid to stifle the fellow countrymen in the north.
His group have all along pursued the policy of dependence upon the outsiders, not the policy of national independence, and the policy of confrontation with the north, not the policy of national unity.
When the fellow countrymen in the north were in sorrow at the greatest misfortune of the nation, they unhesitatingly levelled guns at them.
They went the length of enforcing the “north-south closed-door policy” in an attempt to dampen the ever mounting feelings of the people for national reconciliation, unity, alliance with communism, alliance with the north and reunification, perpetuate the national division and further aggravate inter-Korean confrontation and tensions.
They are a group of heinous traitors, warmaniacs and truculent enemies of reunification who are trying to hamper the reunification movement of the fellow countrymen and plunge them into a nuclear holocaust.

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