Three pillars in devotedly defending leader

Pyongyang, January 12 (KCNA) — The Workers’ Party, army and people of Korea have turned out in the accelerated general march for the New Year Juche 87 (1998), with redoubled courage and in high spirits.

The party, army and people are three pillars for devotedly defending the leader.
The Joint New Year Editorial of the party and army newspapers stressed the might of the ideological fortress of socialism lies in the spirit of safeguarding the leader at the cost of life. And it called upon the whole party, all the army and people to unite around General Kim Jong Il and become vanguard fighters who think and act in his idea anytime and anywhere.
General Kim Jong Il is the destiny and future of socialist Korea as well as the symbol of victory. It is the mind of Korea that led by him, it is not afraid of any formidable enemy’s attack and any “arduous march”.
The whole party, all the army and all the people are now filled with a rockfirm determination to become human bombs and bullets in devotedly defending General Kim Jong Il and demonstrate socialism, a strong ideological fortress and bulwark of faith, without the slightest vacillation no matter how the situation may change.
Very strong is the might of the Workers’ Party of Korea whose eternal and unshakable foundation has been further cemented after it acclaimed General Kim Jong Il as its General Secretary.
Great changes and miracles have been wrought in realizing the independence of the popular masses under the leadership of the party that organizes and guides all victories of the Korean people.
Servicemen, who have hardened their mental pillar with a history of General Kim Jong Il’s leadership over the People’s Army, are reliably defending the socialist fortress with arms of class, with the high honor of being the first bodyguards for him. The Korean revolution is emerging victorious, reliably ensured by such invincible strong army which defend the headquarters of the revolution with their lives.
The Korean people, covering the road of victory and glory under the leadership of the party, have cherished the rockfirm faith that they can enjoy happiness and honor only under the leader of the revolution. With the faith they are hardening their strong will to defend General Kim Jong Il, at the cost of their lives.
The party, army and people regard it as their conscience, obligation and life to devotedly defend the leader.
The dignity of Juche Korea in which the party, army and people have been cemented firmly as three pillars for devotedly safeguarding the leader, will be further demonstrated in the forthcoming 21st century as in the present century.

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