New Year postcards praising Pres. Kim Il Sung and G.S. Kim Jong Il distributed in Seoul

Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) — New Year postcards were delivered to dwelling houses in Roryangjin area of Tongjak district on the early morning of Jan. 1 in the name of the Sun society, the Seoul-based radio Voice of National Salvation quoted information of the Seoul city committee of the National Democratic Front of South Korea as saying.

Printed in the centre of the front part of the postcard was a picture of President Kim Il Sung with a bright smile on the face against the background of the Kumsusan Memorial Palace and written under it were the red letters “President Kim Il Sung is the eternal sun of Juche produced by the Tangun nation. Let us all pray for the immortality of President Kim Il Sung in humble reverence.”
Also printed in the reverse was a portrait of General Kim Jong Il and under it were the red letters “The leader Kim Jong Il is the destiny of the nation and the lodestar of national reunification. Let us all adjust the neckband of our clothes and wholeheartedly wish the leader Kim Jong Il a long life in good health.”
Against the background of a Korean map in green colour on a pink ground.
Similar new year postcards were also delivered to dwelling houses in Mapho and Socho districts in the name of the February 16 fellowship society, the April 15 fellowship society and the society for reunification and patriotism.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/momocita/6968965803/

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