Socialism sure to win

Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) — It is plain that the cause of socialism is sure to win after pulling through difficulties no matter how complicated the present international situation is.

Rodong Sinmun today stresses this in a signed article.
No force on earth can keep humankind from advancing along the road of socialism, the article says, and goes on:
In recent years some countries witnessed the revival of capitalism in the wake of the collapse of socialism. That is no more than a temporary, unusual phenomenon in view of the developing human history.
For its great attraction, the Pyongyang Declaration which calls for defending and advancing socialism is rapidly sweeping the whole world. More than 230 political parties have so far signed the declaration since its publication.
Political parties in Asia, Africa and Latin America and even those in West Europe regard the declaration as a joint action program and work hard to increase international solidarity in the struggle for socialism on the basis of the declaration.
Only socialism is the way for the developing countries to do away with the aftereffects of the imperialist colonial rule and achieve the prosperity of the nation in the building of a new society.
Mindful that it is the best way for them to take the road of socialism in the teeth of obstructions of the imperialists, the peoples in those countries are now advocating socialism and fighting for carrying its noble idea into practice.

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