What are Russian-made armoured vehicles needed for

Pyongyang, January 14 (KCNA) — The South Korean authorities have become overheated with the purchase of weapons from Russia.

According to a news report, some time ago, they decided to purchase large quantities of war supplies including Russian-made 10 combat armoured vehicles by early next month. The Ministry of National Defence also plans to continue purchasing parts of armoured vehicles and tanks, munitions and other war supplies this year.
These are a deliberate and premeditated criminal act intended to render the situation on the Korean Peninsula more strained by further aggravating the inter-Korean military confrontation.
The South Korean authorities advertise that Russians will supply arms to South Korea to “pay loans.”
However, their advertisement is only aimed at camouflaging their war frenzy.
They have introduced huge war supplies from the United States. Not content with this, they are massively purchasing weapons from Russia and other countries. It has turned the Korean Peninsula into a theatre of arms sale by big countries around Korea and, furthermore, may plunge the Korean nation into a nuclear holocaust.
The change of the regime and “President” is now taking place in South Korea.
The planned purchase of Russian-made arms at this very juncture is enough to reveal that the Kim Young Sam’s is a group of warmaniacs without equal in the world.
We take a serious view of the fact that the authorities are openly purchasing arms behind the curtain of “four-way talks”. No one will give credit to their call for “relaxation of tension” and “confidence building” at the talks. Their misdeed will only result in hampering the smooth progress of the talks.
The nation will curse for ever the criminal behaviours of the South Korean warmaniacs who have been hell bent on war preparations, not interested in dialogue.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/1028031602/

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