Disgraceful demeanor

Pyongyang, January 15 (KCNA) — Kim Young Sam, when meeting with the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund on January 12, expressed “thanks” to him for “the quick maximum assistance” from IMF, and asked him for his help in extending payment of short-term loans granted by foreign financial institutions, according to a report.

His flattery came at a time when the whole of South Korea is getting angry at “trusteeship” of IMF= it is one more insult and challenge to the South Koreans.
During his five-year-long term of office the traitor drove all the aspects of social life, including politics and the economy, into a total crisis with dependence on outside forces and irregularities and corruption in south korea. He went the length of allowing “the trusteeship” called “IMF system” and selling off the South Korean economy to the outsiders lock, stock and barrel.
While keeping the indiscrimate, humiliating agreement with IMF from the public, he is now crying for its “early implementation”, while imposing “pain sharing” upon the workers and other labouring people of South Korea.
In fact, he is trying to shift the responsibility for his crime onto others, which cannot be allowed at all.
Even a recent issue of the Newsweek said there would be “a national assembly hearing” over the responsibility for the present crisis of South Korea.

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