Drive for economic construction

Pyongyang, January 15 (KCNA) — The DPRK is directing utmost efforts to the economic construction.

Working people are overcoming the difficulties by themselves and making a new great advance along the basic line of the socialist economic construction.
What is the most important task in the socialist economic construction is to boost agriculture, coal industry, electric power industry, railway transport and metal industry decisively.
The DPRK will improve seeds and do two-crop farming in order to increase agricultural production drastically and solve the food problem. Stock-breeding with grass-eating animals in the main will be developed extensively.
Coal industry, electric power industry and railway transport, which are the preceding sectors of the national economy, and metal industry will be boosted.
Working people in these domains are increasing production of coal and iron and steel and making an effective use of the present generating capacity in an indefatigable spirit, while pushing ahead with a drive to build minor power stations throughout the country.
They are consolidating the material and technical foundations of the railways and improving railway transport.
The party’s light industry-first policy will be carried through to produce more consumer goods in the field of light industry.
Working people are determined to carry out tasks set forth in the joint editorial, to boost the national economy and to demonstrate the might of socialism.

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