First revolutionary newspaper of Korea

Pyongyang, January 15 (KCNA) — Korea marks the 70th anniversary of the newspaper Saenal.

The newspaper was founded by President Kim Il Sung on January 15, Juche 17 (1928).
The then newspaper carried a number of articles calling for holding fast to the Juche-based stand in the revolutionary struggle, increasing the driving force and awakening masses to national character and class.
It greatly helped the youths and people of other social strata to establish revolutionary outlook on the world and encouraged them to the anti-Japanese struggle.
It was very instrumental in the foundation and publication of Bolshevik, Nongu, the monthly Samil, Sogwang, Jongsori and other revolutionary publications.
It is now the mouthpiece of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League central committee.
It deals with materials for revolutionary and class education among senior middle school students and for wide knowledge.
It is brought out by the Kum Song Youth Publishing House.
It is playing a big role in training the schoolchildren as reliable successors to the Juche revolution.

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