Animals in the Sobaeksu Valley

Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) — The Sobaeksu Valley near the Log Cabin of the Paektusan Secret Camp, the birthplace of the Great Leader General Kim Jong Il, abounds in various beautiful animals such as deer, yellow dogs, roe deer, musk deer and antelopes, as well as wonderful sites. Deer and yellow dogs live in the valley where trees grow sparsely and grass is knee-high, and roe deer scatter in the wide area of woods from the mouth of the valley.

Musk deer inhabit the quiet place on the sunny side of the valley less affected by the wind, and antelopes cover the rock cliffs around the Jong Il Peak, Jangkom (long sword) Rock, Ryongma (swift horse) Rock and Haedoji (sunrise) Rock.
This valley offers tigers that occupy the vast area near the Jong Il Peak, Sobaek Hill, Saja Hill and Kom Hill.
Deep in the woods of the valley live bears, and wild boars appear halfway up the valley from its mouth.
Quality fur animals like ferrets; sables, badgers and otters can be seen in the valley.
Sables occurring in the needle-leaved tree woods of the whole valley continue to increase in number.
The rock-covered slopes of the valley make a nice place for badgers to live in and offer them wild fruits, insects and rats as their feeds.
But tigers, deer, yellow dogs and sables are especially preserved, as they are listed national treasures.
This valley has ten sorts of animals preying on insects, such as hedgehogs, moles and squirrels. Hedgehogs dig and eat harmful insects such as whitegrubs in the earth of the grassland and shrubbery.
Hares and pikas are animals in the greatest number in the valley. Pikas are found a lot living beneath the roots of big trees and piles of stones, along with squirrels, around the log-cabin of the secret camp.
Foxes, raccoon dogs and varieties of bats live in low hills.
Such various and rich animals are of great importance in both the economic and scientific fields and at the same time further beautify the local landscape.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lawrenceyeah/15729539415/

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