“KCTU” stages over-night sit-in

Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) — The “Korean Confederation of Trade Unions” in South Korea (KCTU) kept an overnight vigil against the authorities’ move to introduce the system of allowing companies to lay off workers under the pressure of the International Monetary Fund, according to a Seoul-based radio report.

The “KCTU” at a press conference on Jan. 12 called for giving precedence to stern punishment of those that foiled the economy and to reform of comprador business groups in order to overcome the serious crisis of foreign exchange.
It said that the authorities are describing the introduction of the system as the only cure for bridging over the crisis and are imposing all the pains caused by the economic failure upon workers.
The leading members of all organizations under the “KCTU” decided to enter an indefinite overnight sit-in from Jan. 12 Till the introduction of the system was withdrawn. They also decided to hold meetings of trade unions till Jan. 17 and stage a general strike.
And they decided to hold large-scale meetings all at once across South Korea on Jan. 17 to put pressure upon the authorities.
The “KCTU” declared that it would hold a meeting against the institution of the “special law of allowing financial organs to lay off workers” in Seoul on Jan. 12 and wage a strong struggle including a general strike in case it is passed through an “interim session of the national assembly”.

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