Revolutionary spirit of soldiers, heroic stamina of Korea

Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) — Today the Korean peoples live and work in the revolutionary spirit of soldiers.

This spirit is the source of strength of Korea, which turns adversity into favorable condition, misfortune into fortune, and is also a powerful weapon of struggle.
It is the heroic stamina of Korea breaking through difficulties.
The spirit was created by soldiers of the Korean People’s Army in the construction of the Anbyon Youth Power Station.
The servicemen overcame inconceivable difficulties and hardships in the spirit of accepting and carrying out the Supreme Commander’s order absolutely and unconditionally and in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and strenuous efforts. They built dikes and finished the 40-km waterway tunnel project, even covering with their bodies pouring water and stones from ceiling.
The construction of the power station was a grand nature-remaking project, which was two times the west sea barrage in a total amount of work.
General Secretary Kim Jong Il, KPA Supreme Commander, visited this power station under construction and highly estimated the revolutionary spirit displayed by soldier-builders.
He said the power station is a precious product of the revolutionary spirit of KPA soldiers, who are ready to do anything the party, wants. The fatherland will never forget the mass heroism and noble self-sacrificing spirit displayed by soldier-builders and the feats performed by them for the country and the people, he declared.
Now seen at workplaces of Korea are slogans and posters reflecting the firm determination to live and work in this revolutionary spirit of soldiers.
Displaying the spirit, Korean people and servicemen made great achievements in socialist construction last year.
Among the achievements is the completion of such projects as 100 km-long Wonsan-Kumgang youth railways, pleasure grounds of Mts. Kuwol and Jongbang, more than 500 minor power stations, and land construction.
This spirit is the source of the heroic stamina demonstrated by the Korean people, who are consolidating politico-ideological, economic and military fortresses of socialism, braving manifold hardships and difficulties.

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