Korean people in forced march of socialism

Pyongyang, January 19 (KCNA) — The Korean people are now vigorously going on the general march of socialism under the new slogan of struggle and advance “Let us push ahead with forced march for final victory “

Working people across the country who have made a breach for advance and rapid strides, successfully overcoming trials of the “arduous march” for years, are increasing production and hastening construction though they are still confronted with economic hardships.
Working people of the major domains of the national economy have been registering achievements from the beginning of the year.
Coal miners have increased production by more than 10.8 percent in the latest 10 days above the same days of last December. Especially, the Tokchon Area Coal Complex has increased production by 60 percent, the Anju Area Coal Complex 20 percent and the Myongchon Area Coal Complex 15 percent.
Working people of the power industry are boosting electricity production by making an effective use of the existing generating capacity, while building medium and small-size power stations throughout the country.
The power output in the first 10 days this year showed an increase of 15 percent above the same period at the end of last year. In a recent week the East Pyongyang Thermal Power Plant turned out 15,000 more kwh of electricity and three times more water for heating than in the same period of the last month. The Kanggye Youth Power Station is carrying out its daily assignments at 120 percent nowadays.
Hundreds of medium and small power stations are being built now.
The railway transportation domain has continuously achieved success in freight turnover by organising and directing transport in a proper way. The Pyongyang Railway Bureau has doubled daily centralized transport of coal for thermal power above the same period of last December. The Namdok, Jenam, Jangsang and Tukjang railway stations, too, are increasing the transport of coal for thermal power.
Pig iron and rolled steel production is also increased.
The Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex is keeping its production at 110 percent with tools and equipment made by itself in 30 odd bases.
The Korean working people, encouraged by the revolutionary slogan put forward by the Workers’ Party of Korea, are filled with firm determination to brave trials and display the might of the independent economy.

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