S. Korean authorities hit for anti-north war fever

Pyongyang, January 24 (KCNA) — Of late Kim Young Sam told “a joint central defence meeting” that the north may unleash a “surprise brush-fire war or total war” any time. Synchronising with this, the office of customs Administration, talking about the continued “sabotage activities in South Korea” and “threat of terrorism” by the north, sent “an official notice” to the customhouses, calling for “surveillance and security activities”.

Rodong Sinmun today says that we have nothing to do with them.
The news analyst says:
For the South Korean authorities to take issue with the peaceloving people in the northern half of Korea is like a thief crying “Stop thief !” in fact, the threat of aggression comes from the south of korea, not from the north.
While begging for bailout fund of the International Monetary Fund in a bid to emerge from the worst economic crisis, Kim Young Sam is squandering an astronomical amount of money for arms buildup and war preparations against the northern half of Korea.
The proof of this is that the authorities recently decided to introduce 10 bmp 3 armoured vehicles and spare parts from Russia and to introduce spare parts of t80u tank for repair and a huge amount of its shells this year.
The projected U.S. reform of its South Korea-based Eighth Army Command into the Field Army Command and the U.S. Defense Secretary’s trip to a U.S. military base near the Military Demarcation Line and the general drill ground of the second infrantry division of the U.S. Army were designed to encourage the puppets to a war against the northern half of Korea.

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