Democracy and human rights in S. Korea urged

Pyongyang, January 27 (KCNA) — The International Lawyers’ Committee for Democracy and Human Rights in South Korea on January 15 made public a statement titled “termination of ‘miracles’ in South Korea. Democracy and human rights.”

It said:
In the past, Europe and the United States described South Korea as a “model.” however, they kept mum about the fact that the “economic growth” of South Korea came from the harsh exploitation of the working people.
The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are said to be rendering rescue funds to South Korea to prevent its economic bankruptcy. However, it is the South Korean people who must pay the debts. And the South Korean economic dependence will be further worsened.
Against the western advertisement about “democracy” in South Korea, social rights including social security and union rights have hardly been guaranteed in South Korea.
Asking whether the new regime of South Korea could bring about changes as desired by the South Korean people, the statement stressed:
Dialogue with the DPRK, relaxation of tension, release of political prisoners and guarantee of rights of the unconverted long-term prisoners including Kim In So, Kim Yong Thae and Ham Se Hwan to return to the north will serve as a touchstone testing the political willingness of the new regime.

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