Folk holiday–lunar New Year’s Day

Pyongyang, January 27 (KCNA) — The 28th of January this year is the lunar New Year’s Day. The day has been observed as a folk holiday in korea even after the solar calendar was introduced in 1896.

On the morning of the lunar New Year’s Day greetings are exchanged between family members, relatives, neighbours and colleagues. They also wish their teachers a happy New Year.
The old would grant simple gifts to children who pay New Year’s call on them.
With family members, relatives and neighbours, people enjoy such traditional food as glutinous and other rice-cakes and pancake, confectionery, grilled meat, fruits and drinks.
Typical of food for this day is a rice-cake soup. It is a soup of sliced rice-cake as large as a coin with pheasant, which can be replaced by chicken. The Korean proverb “Chicken instead of pheasant” is said to have been derived from such case.
A cup of unheated spirits is drunken on the holiday. This habit came from an idea of ancient Koreans who regarded the lunar New Year’s Day as the beginning of spring for farming preparations.

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