Forced march for victory

Pyongyang, January 27 (KCNA) — The Korean working people are stepping up the forced march to exalt this year as a year of another leap forward and socialist victors.

Mass meetings have been held in Pyongyang and provincial seats and at organs and enterprises to vow to carry through the tasks laid down in the joint editorial of the newspapers of the party and the army.
The farmers of the Migok Cooperative Farm in Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province, and colliers of the Jenam Coal Mine of the Tokchon Area Coal Complex held meetings and challenged the farmers and workers across the country to a socialist emulation to bring about a great improvement in agricultural and coal production.
The whole country has responded to their call.
The nation’s industrial output value in the first ten days of the forced march showed an increase of 15 percent as against the same period of December last year.
Particularly, in this period, coal production and electricity output grew 10.8 and 15 percent each.
The Korean people triumphantly surmounted the most trying difficulties in the “arduous march” in defiance of the economic blockade moves by the imperialists and repeated natural disasters.
It is their iron faith that, led by General Kim Jong Il, they have nothing to fear no matter how many times they may make “arduous march.”
In the 1930s, the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners pulled through hard trials in the indomitable revolutionary spirit. In the 1950s, the heroic Korean People’s Army and people won in the fatherland liberation war by heroically fighting against the enemy. Even under the difficult conditions after the ceasefire, the Korean people wrought miracles through the Grand Chollima March.
The Korean people, closely rallied around General Kim Jong Il, will this year, too, make great achievements in the forced march of socialism for the final victory.

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