Unha General Trading Corporation

Pyongyang, January 27 (KCNA) — Jan. 28 is the Trade Day in Korea. With the approach of the day the Unha General Trading Corporation has increased the production.

Its workers have been fulfilling their daily quotas 20 percent higher than last year’s, at 130 percent.
In particular, the export garment factories named after Samsok (Pyongyang), Kyongamsan (North Hwanghae Province) and Jongju (North Phyongan Province) are overfulfilling their daily assignments at 140-150 percent.
The corporation was set up in July, Juche 65 (1976).
It, one of the nation’s leading processing trade centres, produces and exports such kinds of garments as padded clothes, jacket and shirt, embroidery by machine and hands, and various kinds of knitted goods.
The corporation, which was established with some 40 factories, now has 6 trading companies and nearly 90 factories.
The number of technicians and experts has increased nearly 20 times that at the time of its establishment.
The production capacity of the corporation has shown a 4.5 times increase on a yearly average from the beginning of the 1990s. And the variety of its export goods has been nearly trebled.
The corporation has dealings with over 70 corporations and companies in some 20 countries.

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