Intellectuals make breakthrough for advance

Pyongyang, January 29 (KCNA) — Intellectuals of Korea are now creditably discharging their mission and duty as forerunners defending socialism with science and technology.

In recent years they registered enormous achievements in making an effective use of the existing economic foundations and boosting the main sectors of the economy.
Railway scientists solved such scientific problems as preventing damage of bogie frame, prolonging the service life of wheel, introducing new damping device and preventing adhesion motor insulator from being injured.
Those of power and mining sectors solved on a high level scientific and technical problems arising in the construction of minor power stations across the country, and in their operation. And they are popularizing the experience of Jagang Province.
They also found out and introduced new methods for mineral production and crush and earth-scraping at mines.
And they settled over 70 scientific and technical problems to accelerate the commissioning of the high-quality magnesia clinker factory.
In the agricultural domain many practical problems have been solved such as high-yield varieties of crops and their cultivation, creation of grass fields and breeding of grass-eating animals.
In addition, intellectuals made a large number of valuable inventions popular among the world’s scientists.
All the DPRK’s ten inventions won medals including two gold medals and two gold-silver medals at the 25th Geneva international inventions, new technologies and products salon last year. Among them are “highly sensitive magnetometre based on the moderation effect of magnetic negative resistance”, “motor protector from the abnormal power supply” and “menthol absorbent for cigarettes”.
The Korean intellectuals are now devoting all their energy and wisdom to scientific research for national prosperity and development, regarding it as their faith that they have the socialist homeland though there is no border in science.

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