Relics on Moran Hill

Pyongyang, January 29 (KCNA) — Moran Hill, known as a scenic spot since olden times, is situated in the heart of Pyongyang.

The hill which blends in perfectly with the beautiful environment of the river Taedong is rich in historical relics, associated with talents and wisdom of the Korean ancestors.
There is the Ulmil Pavilion standing in the shape of a flying crane, erected on the stone elevation.
In spring our ancestors spent pleasant time there, feasting their eyes on the beauty of the surrounding scenery. When the enemy invaded Pyongyang, they built a battery there to defend it.
The Pubyok Pavilion which stands halfway up Chongryu Cliff on the bank of river Taedong served as a command post in time of war and was used as a site from which to enjoy the scenic beauty of Moran Hill and River Taedong for its elaborate art of architecture and superb scenic beauty.
The pavilion on the wall built a thousand years ago is one of the pavilions conspicuous and typical in Korea.
There is Chilsong Gate, one-storey pavilion on Moran Hill. It was erected as the northern gate of the inner fort.
When the enemy invaded Pyongyang, the soldiers and people in the walled city defeated it, relying on it.
The Choesung Pavilion stands on the summit of Moran Hill.
It is an excellent place commanding a fine view of Pyongyang in all directions.
There is the Hyonmu Gate built on the stone elevation connecting the Choesung Pavilion with the Ulmil Pavilion.
The Jongum Gate, from which Moran Hill is seen at the right and River Taedong at the left, is a precious structure of the northern fort of Pyongyang, along with the Hyonmu Gate.
The Chongryu Pavilion is situated on Chongryu Cliff adding the scenic beauty of Moran Hill and River Taedong.
The relics on Moran Hill have been restored to their original state in accordance with the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea that calls for carefully preserving the historical sites. Moran Hill has turned into a flawless pleasure ground.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/comradeanatolii/7163551060/

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