Hepatitis-B, no more terror to people

Pyongyang, January 30 (KCNA) — In recent years Korea succeeded in the development of the medicines for diagnosis, prevention and cure of Hepatitis-B, causing a great sensation upon the world people.

Hepatitis-B has been called one of the three incurable diseases threatening human lives.
A number of countries around the world made tireless efforts to develop medicines for diagnosis and prevention of the disease, and some of them were boasting of their successful researches for the medicines. But all those who are inoculated with them three times in six months are not immunised against the disease.
Ko Jin Nam-led November 19 institute under the Railway Ministry succeeded in developing the medicine for the prevention of hepatitis-b whose immunity efficacy is 100 percent among those who are inoculated two times in a matter of one month.
The medicine has proved successful at some institutions for the cure and prevention of the disease in Korea.
In particular, a medicine for the prevention of Hepatitis-B through the restoration of immunity is efficacious tens of times the preventive medicine produced in some countries.
The restoration of immunity by the medicine recently proved very effective in effacing the antigen, drawing the attention of the medical world.
The institute declared the Hepatitis-B is no more a terror to people.
The medicines developed by korea for diagnosis and prevention of the Hepatitis-B were awarded gold medals at the second international youth invention and new technology exhibition, gold medals and honorary certificates by the world intellectual property organisation. These were recently given the patent rights in Germany and the U.S.
The medicine is popular at world markets.

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