Japan hit for wanton violation of sovereignty of DPRK

Pyongyang, January 30 (KCNA) — A delegate of Japan at the Seventh U.N. Conference on the Standardisation of Geographical Terrains claimed that the “Sea of Japan”, not the East Sea of Korea, has already been “recognised” internationally, and set himself against the debate on the mark of the Korean East Sea.

Rodong Sinmun today describes his claim as encroachment upon the sovereignty of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, an insult to the Korean people and a mockery of the world public.
The news analyst says:
From ancient times the sea between Korea and Japan has been said and written to be “the East Sea of Korea” and “the Sea of Korea”. During their occupation of Korea the Japanese imperialists renamed the East Sea of Korea “the Sea of Japan”, however.
To give a correct understanding of the East Sea of Korea and rectify its wrong-written mark is not a mere matter of geographical designation, but an important one concerning the liquidation of Japan’s crimes of aggression on Korea.
The Japapese delegate’s insistence on the international “recognition” of “the Sea of Japan” is a sheer lie. The alleged “Sea of Japan” was not admitted at any international conference or under any international convention at all.
At the recent meeting the South Korean authorities took an attitude of designating the Korean East Sea as “the Sea of Japan” and “the East Sea” at the same time.
The South Korean authorities’ humiliating act reminds us of the five traitors of Ulsa (1905) who sold off the country and the nation to the Japanese imperialists.
The sea between Korea and Japan should be called “the Korean East Sea” from the historical and geographical point of view.

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