U.S. troop pullout from Asia-Pacific region urged

Pyongyang, January 30 (KCNA) — Of late the U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen visited some Asian countries and claimed that the security of the Asia-Pacific region is attributable to the U.S. military presence and cried for security-oriented dialogue between countries in the region and upkeep of the 100,000-strong U.S. troops.

Rodong Sinmun January 29, commenting on this, says the most important thing in guaranteeing the security of Asia is to remove the military threat from outside.
The news analyst says:
The U.S. Armed Forces in Asia pose a direct threat to the regional security.
If the U.S. forces are withdrawn from the Asia-Pacific region, more favorable circumstances will be created for a lasting peace in the region.
As long as the U.S. Armed Forces remain in the Asia-Pacific region, it is impossible to guarantee peace and security in the region.
The Asia-Pacific-based U.S. forces are the legacy of the Cold War. The mission of the forces is aggression and war from A to Z.
Security negotiations should be oriented towards the withdrawal of foreign armed forces which pose a menace to peace and security of the Asian countries.
To have security negotiations without withdrawal of the aggression forces harmful to the security is a nonsense.
Such negotiations will waste time.
The U.S. seeks to use the security negotiations among the Asian countries for justifying its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region and implementing its military strategy.
It is also trying to turn the negotiations into a U.S.-led forum for military negotiations.
If the U.S. military strategy of Asia is connived at, the Asian countries will be exposed to grave military threat.

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