Wise leadership of WPK for preserving Juche character

Pyongyang, January 31 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today carries an article on the wise leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea for maintaining the Juche character in the revolution and construction, written by Dr. Kim Ik Sam.

The article says General Kim Jong Il, in his celebrated work “On Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction,” reviewed with pride the historic experience of the WPK in preserving the Juche character, thus fully demonstrating the wisdom of the party leading the times and the revolution.
It further says:
In preserving the Juche character the WPK has placed the destiny of the Korean revolution and nation in the centre of all matters.
Maintaining the Juche character of the revolution and construction means letting the masses of the people become the masters of the destinies of their country and nation and of their own destinies and shape them in an indepenent and creative way.
In invariably keeping the Juche character the WPK has also strictly rejected all hues of counterrevolutionary trend of thought including great-power chauvinism and flunkeyism and led the uncompromising struggle against it.
Great-power chauvinism and flunkeyism were the main obstacle to and the first target of our party’s struggle for maintaining the Juche character.
Our party and people have waged ceaseless and acute struggle against flunkeyism while rejecting great-power chauvinism that goes against the Juche character.
The WPK has also linked the efforts for the maintenance of the Juche character with the struggle for strengthening solidarity and unity in the worldwide socialist movement.
It has striven to strengthen international solidarity and unity in conformity with the nature of the socialist movement, strictly rejecting the placing of Juche character against internationalism.
Today the WPK is making a great contribution to the global cause of socialism by firmly preserving the Juche character, the article stresses.

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