Support for S. Korean people’s struggle called for

Pyongyang, February 1 (KCNA) — Kim Hak Jun, Chief of the Damascus Mission of the National Democratic Front of South Korea, issued a statement to the press on January 5 on the occasion of the New Year and expressed the expectation that progressive parties of different countries and the Syrian people would extend more active support and encouragement to the just struggle of the South Korean people, according to Seoul-based radio Voice of National Salvation.

He said that the South Korean people vigorously waged an anti-American struggle for independence, an anti-Kim Young Sam struggle, and the reunification movement last year, thus dealing a telling blow at the U.S. and the “civilian”-veiled dictatorial group and developing the national movement for democracy on to a new higher stage.
The mass struggle has been expanded and developed in South Korea because the patriotic South Korean people from all walks of life fought with the high pride of acclaiming General Kim Jong Il as the Supreme Leader of the nation, he stressed.

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