United States is responsible for worldwide arms race: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, February 3 (KCNA) — The U.S. Congress in a recently published report branded the DPRK and some other countries as “basic source” of worldwide arms proliferation and cried that the United States should strictly cope with the proliferation. And it prattled that the United States has been involuntarily involved in arms proliferation for its liberal export policy.

Commenting on this fact, a news analyst of Rodong Sinmun today says:
These utterances can be made only by those who do not feel shame at what they have done.
The United States ranks the first in the world’s list of arms exporters.
The U.S. is now styling itself as an “impartial mediator” in the mideast issues. Against its advertisement, however, some time ago, it supplied 25 F-15 jet fighters to Israel, thus igniting fresh arms race in the region and rendering the issues all the more difficult to be solved.
U.S.-made weapons were used in 45 of the 50 national and territorial disputes which occured in the world in the early 1990s. These weapons were supplied as a means to realise the U.S. policy of domination.
It is none other than the United States that has further aggravated the situation in disputed areas and brought waves of arms race all over the world.

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