Fruition of self-reliance

Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) — A national meeting of example-setters in self-reliance was held in Korea a few days ago.

It summed up achievements and experience gained in the course of the “arduous march” and discussed how to push ahead with the forced march for the final victory in the high-pitched revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.
The Korean people made brilliant achievements in production and construction under the uplifted banner “only self-reliance is our choice ” those in the coal industrial sector built more cutting faces by exploring and using internal reserves to the maximum. As a result, the daily average coal output in the latter half of 1997 was 20 percent higher than the figure in the similar period of the previous year.
Soldiers of the Korean People’s Army and workers engaged in the power industrial sector built the Anbyon Youth Power Station with the domestic strength, technique and materials.
Particularly, the construction of minor power stations has been stepped up in recent years, with the result that hundreds of power stations were built throughout the country.
In the railway transport, the 100-odd-kilometre-long Wonsan-Mt. Kumgang Railway Line was laid and great successes were made in the work of improving the technical condition of tracks.
Metal-makers opened up a vista for increasing the steel and iron production by introducing new methods.
The agricultural working people and people’s army soldiers laid a solid foundation to increase the agricultural production by making preparations for farming by themselves.
The people engaged in the light industrial sector increased the production of light industrial goods including primary consumer goods by making an effective use of the already-made production foundation.
The “arduous march” in korea produced a large number of units which manage themselves properly by their own efforts.
Cities and counties built their own raw material and production bases and managed their economic life with their own resources, not depending upon others.
Industrial establishments have solved problems of production and life of employees through self-reliance.
The achievements made in the course of the “arduous march” for years under the banner of self-reliance are an eloquent evidence of the invincibility of the cause of Korean-style socialism.

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