Ridiculous sophism

Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) — Some news media of the United States have been testing the will of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. They have repeatedly claimed that as the DPRK is a main object posing danger to the United States, a forestalling attack should be made on it as a measure to remove the root cause in the bud and that it is high time the attack was launched because the DPRK is in the grip of the “worst ever crisis”.

In the past they described the DPRK as “impregnable fortress” and “hardline communist bulwark”. But now they are crying for a forestalling attack on it, reiterating what the U.S. conservatives have said.
Uneasiness and terror are what robbers always feel.
If they are to extricate themselves from uneasiness and terror, they have no other choice but to go away along with lethal weapons. But they are now describing the owner as “object posing danger to them” and threatening a forestalling attack. This is really a brigandish logic proper to the murderers and plunderers.
The U.S. has never opened its mouth without calling for “freedom of choice” and “democracy”.
What the media have said, however, reveal again that its call is nothing but a hypocrisy and that the U.S. is a rogue state misguided by brigandish logic and thinking.
The U.S. conservative hardliners should stop foolish acts.
The more zealously they abuse and threaten the DPRK, the more clearly their foolishness may be revealed. And such a reckless act will harm themselves.
The right to choice is not an exclusive thing of the United States.

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