Jagang Province produces electric power by itself

Pyongyang, February 5 (KCNA) — The whole country is following the model of Jagang Province in producing electric power by itself.

When giving on-site guidance to the Province some time ago, General Kim Jong Il highly estimated it for building minor power stations by its own efforts to solve the problem of electric power and said that all other provinces, cities and counties should follow its example.
In recent years, the province, which boasts of high mountains and many rivers, has built many small- and medium-sized power stations of various types suitable to its regional characteristics with its own technique and manpower. It has built waterway power stations in the areas with heads of water, floating power stations in streams and methane-gas power stations in riverless areas.
Some time ago, it completed the construction of more than 30 minor power stations. It is now stepping up the construction of dozens of more small- and medium-sized power stations.
An increasing number of towns, counties, industrial establishments and cooperative farms are self-sufficient in the supply of electric power from the minor power stations they built by themselves.
Minor power stations in Janggang and Songgan counties, Kanggye city and others of the province are supplying sufficient electric power needed for production and construction as well as for heating of dwelling houses and for the convenience of the people’s life.
Its experience gained in the course of the “arduous march” clearly proves the validity and vitality of the teachings of President Kim Il Sung on building many minor power stations along with large power stations and the slogan of the Workers’ Party of Korea “only self-reliance is our choice “

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