Juche character and national character, life and soul of Korean revolution

Pyongyang, February 5 (KCNA) — Korea has consistently taken it as the fundamental principle of the revolution and construction to preserve the Juche character and national character.

In recent years alone, General Secretary Kim Jong Il repeatedly clarified this principle in his famous works including “Socialism is a Science” (November 1994), “On Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction” (June 1997) and “Let Us Carry Out the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’s Instructions for National Reunification” (August 1997).
It is the invariable stand of the Workers’ Party of Korea guided by the Juche idea to carry out the revolution and construction with the united strength of the nation on the principle of Juche.
The DPRK is shining as a powerful bulwark of socialism, not affected by the continued collapse of former east European socialist countries. It is because the DPRK has adhered to the principle of independence, self-support and self-reliance in defence.
The geographical location of Korea and the unprecedentedly arduous and complicated revolution made it more vital than other countries to preserve the Juche character and the national character.
From the beginning of his revolutionary activities, President Kim Il Sung, rejecting flunkeyism and dogmatism, worked out lines and policies reflecting the demands of the Korean people and the actual conditions of the Korean revolution and thoroughly carried them out. He led the Korean revolution to victory with Juche-based lines and policies including the line of the anti-Japanese armed struggle, the line of party building, the line of setting up a people’s government, the line of socialist construction and the line of building an independent national economy.
Particularly, the present realities clearly prove the validity of the line of building an independent national economy with priority to the heavy industry.
During the anti-Japanese armed struggle, he set forth the line of forming a united front of the nation and firmly rallied as one those who opposed the Japanese imperialists and loved the country.
After the country was liberated in Juche 34 (1945), he put forward the slogan “those with strength, offer their strength. Those with knowledge, give their knowlege and those with money, donate their money ” which roused all the people to the building of the country.
By advancing this as the slogan for national unity, he led all the members of the nation to make tangible contributions to the cause of reunification.
“10-Point Programme of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation for the Reunification of the Country” formulated by him is reunification guidelines replete with patriotism and the spirit of national independence.
The Korean people are now firmly maintaining the Juche character and the national character with the firm conviction that if they defend socialism, they will win, but if they abandon it, they will go to ruin.

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