New revolutionary stories

Pyongyang, February 6 (kcna) — The mass media of Korea highlight new revolutionary legends, anecdotes and tales about the greatness of the three generals of Mt. Paektu.

These stories tell about the noble traits of President Kim Il Sung, General Kim Jong Il and mother Kim Jong Suk, a heroine of the anti-Japanese war.
The revolutionary legend “remedy” is based on the fact that the president cured the disease of an old woman when he was in his early revolutionary activities nearly 70 years ago. It says that his touches are remedies for any disease.
The revolutionary anecdote “immortal flower which resuscitated a veteran fighter” deals with the noble morality and obligation of General Kim Jong Il, who respects anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters as elders of the Korean revolution.
Ten years ago when a veteran figther was in hospital for his incurable disease, the General, in a token of his always being with him, sent Kimjongilia to him on the occasion of his birthday.
This flower gave him strength and courage which resuscitated him from death.
The revolutionary tale “revolutionary song sung in battlefield” deals with the revolutionary optimism and exploit of mother Kim Jong Suk in a battle during the anti-Japanese war 60 years ago.
Besides, tales “icy water for washing” and “umbrella with best wishes” tell about her loyalty to the President.
The revolutionary legends, anecdotes and tales greatly encourage the Korean people in the forced march for the final victory.

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