Slogan-bearing trees discovered

Pyongyang, February 6 (KCNA) — Slogans lauding General Kim Jong Il are being discovered on trees one after another across the country.

Those slogans were written by the first generation of the Korean revolution during the anti-Japanese war period, who celebrated the birth of General Kim Jong Il on Feb. 16, Juche 31 (1942) as a great national event and praised him as “bright star above Mt. Paektu”.
More than 200 slogan-bearing trees have been found so far throughout the country.
Among the slogans discovered in north and south Hamgyong provinces and other areas are “Korea, let the world know of the birth of the bright star above Mt. Paektu ” and “Let us the 20 million Koreans boast of the sun which rose above Mt. Paektu.”
They show joy and emotion of the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters and people who greeted the birth of General Kim Jong Il as great fortune and great auspicious event of the nation.
Found in Anju city, south Phyongan Province, Musan county, north Hamgyong Province, and other areas were such slogans as “birth on Mt. Paektu of the bright star, heir to President Kim Il Sung”, “Star of new general who will succeed to President Kim Il Sung, has risen above Mt. Paektu,
Brightening Korea”, which prove that the succession to the cause of Korean revolution was ensured in those days.
Slogans, which reflected the Korean people’s unshakable will to hold General Kim Jong Il in high esteem and their best wishes for longevity and high glory to him, were discovered in different parts of the country including south Hwanghae Province, north Hamgyong Province and Kangwon Province. Among those slogans are “Let us liberate our country to be honored by the bright star above Mt. Paektu”, “We wish the bright star above Mt. Paektu strong health like a pine tree” and “longevity and blessing to the bright star above Mt. Paektu who will shine with beam of the sun”.
The slogans, valuable treasure of the nation, encourage the Korean people in the forced march for the final victory.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sheridansofasia/6044360340/

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