Families of unconverted long-term prisoners write to international human rights org.

Pyongyang, February 7 (KCNA) — Family members of Kim In So, Ham Se Hwan and Kim Yong Thae, unconverted long-term prisoners in South Korea, sent letters to the U.N. Commission on human rights and other international organisations requesting them to render active help for their early repatriation.

The family members who live in North Korea said in the letters:
Kim In So, Ham Se Hwan and Kim Yong Thae were taken prisoner by the enemy while fighting during the past Fatherland Liberation War and kept in prison in South Korea for scores of years. Even now when they are invalid, they are kept in South Korea without being repatriated to North Korea. Today, they are in delicate conditions.
This notwithstanding, the South Korean authorities have persecuted and excruciated these unconverted long-term prisoners, putting them on trial for the mere reason that they called for their repatriation and the abrogation of the “National Security Law,” allegedly violating the “Law on Supervision for Public Peace.”
The letters earnestly requested the international human rights organisations to take humanitarian measures to force the South Korean authorities to stop human rights violations against the unconverted long-term prisoners and repatriate them to their hometowns at an early date.

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