G.S. Kim Jong Il gives on-site guidance to Songjin Steel Complex

Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) – General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave on-site guidance to the Songjin Steel Complex to light a signal fire of a fresh great upsurge.

He was accompanied by Chief Secretary of the north Hamgyong provincial committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) Ri Kun Mo, secretaries of the C.C., WPK Choe Thae Bok, Kim Kuk Thae and Kim Ki Nam, Chairman of the State Transport Commission Ri Yong Mu and first vice department directors of the C.C., WPK Pak Song Bong and Jang Song Thaek.
After seeing a monument to President Kim Il Sung’s on-the-spot guidance, General Kim Jong Il made the rounds of the steel shop, the pressure tube shop and other shops, learning about how production was going on.
He convened a consultative meeting of officials concerned at the complex and discussed measures to attain a high and steady rate of steel production. He then gave highly important tasks for launching a fresh great upsurge at the complex.
He expressed great satisfaction at tremendous contributions made by the complex’s workers for many years to the building of an independent national economy and the industrialization of the country.
He said the Korean people including the workers who had created a brilliant history of struggle with singlehearted unity were advancing forward full of the conviction of sure victory and optimism, undaunted by the unprecedented hardships and trials.
He said steel production was still important in economic construction, so it should be given priority. He called on the steelmakers of the complex, who had upheld the WPK with steel production in every hard time, to take the lead in effecting a great upsurge again in the spirit of Chollima.
He stressed that in order to keel production going on at a high and steady rate, it was necessary to widely introduce the Juche-based steel-making process.
He also voiced great satisfaction at many crucial problems concerning steel production solved by the complex in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. He said the complex should make efforts to produce more with materials and equipment it had.
He noted that deep concern should always be paid to the supply service for the workers and that they should be supplied with larger quantities of vegetable, meat, fish and other non-staple foods and fully provided with modern dwelling houses and cultural and welfare facilities.
He said that as north Hamgyong Province had such leading steel and iron producers of the nation as the Songjin Steel Complex and the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex and many related enterprises, the provincial party committee should strengthen leadership over them.

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