Rodong Sinmun on strengthening anti-imperialist solidarity

Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) — All the progressive people of the world should strengthen international solidarity in the joint struggle for independence against imperialism in order to realize global independence.

Rodong Sinmun says this in a signed article today.
The daily goes on:
To achieve the solid bonds of anti-imperialist solidarity among the countries and people defending independence is an important guarantee for victory in the struggle to smash the dominationist moves of the imperialists, achieve independence in each country and accomplish the cause of global independence.
Unity and solidarity of the pro-independence forces against imperialism are more urgent at a time when the imperialists are forming allied forces to challenge the cause of human independence and craftily scheming to disorganize the anti-imperialist forces aspiring after independence and destroy them one by one.
Anti-imperialist solidarity makes it possible to develop friendly and cooperative relations among countries and people on the basis of the common aspiration and desire for peace and independence, regardless of the differences in ideologies, systems, political views and religious beliefs.
It also makes it possible for them to take a joint action in the struggle for independence against imperialism, and thus decisively strengthen the might of the pro-independence forces against imperialism. It will help isolate and weaken the reactionary forces of imperialism to the maximum and speed up the victory of global independence.

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